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Conscious. Sustainable. Conserving resources in the long-term.

Koch International is consciously sustainable and pursues the goal of the sustainable conservation of resources.

  • Reducing CO2 emissions through the use of intelligent and efficient technologies and employee training courses
  • Optimising routes/driving distances as part of truck scheduling
  • Avoiding empty kilometres through the use of telematics, car telephones, scanner technology and cooperations
  • Continuous driver training on economical and ecological driving techniques
  • Using low-noise and low-emission trucks with the latest generation of engines
  • Sealing systems in storage areas prevent water-polluting substances from entering the surface drainage in the event of malfunctions
  • Continuous self-monitoring of separation plants
  • Use of the latest conveyor technology and electric forklift trucks
  • Truck washing plant with rainwater operation and waste water treatment
  • Purchasing office accessories, auxiliary and operating materials under ecological aspects
  • Using the latest technologies at the new location to minimise energy consumption
  • Reduced noise pollution to protect people and the environment
  • Promoting environmental awareness among employees in the corporate and private sectors
  • Expanding a sustainability reporting system with the goal of sustainable resource conservation
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Peter Koch

Environmental Management Officer

Koch International
Heinrich Koch
Internationale Spedition GmbH & Co. KG
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