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Individual storage concepts at the highest level.

We measure storage space not only in square metres, but also in possibilities per customer.

With more than 30 years of experience, we are a capable contact partner for you in all aspects of “warehouse logistics”. We will put together a service package for you that matches your industry and individual wishes exactly.

Our specially trained experts are responsible for various services - either in one of our warehouses or on your premises. It comes naturally to us to comply with the relevant quality standards and corresponding certificates.


Expertise and concepts for successful Business.

We offer a wide range of warehouse logistics services to support a large number of our customers from procurement to marketing processes of their products. Our responsibilities include expiration date, batch and serial number management, sampling, order picking, packaging and dispatch including returns logistics in addition to customised add-on services. 

By outsourcing your warehouse logistics, you will gain new flexibility and discover synergies for your company. Turn your fixed costs into variable costs and increase your efficiency with low investments and by absorbing seasonal fluctuations. Rely on our experience, intelligent warehouse logistics and fulfilment processes.

Concentrate fully on developing, producing and distributing your products - we take care of everything else. Reliable, economical and solution-oriented.


We take you to your own online shop

Are you interested in setting up your own online shop? Are you not quite satisfied with your existing webshop? We will be happy to show you solutions and assist you as an expert partner.

As experienced logistics experts, we of course offer a full range of logistics services. After all, smooth-running logistics is integral to the success of an online shop. Let’s talk about it.

Patrick Leue

Manager Logistics

Koch International
Heinrich Koch
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