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Cross docking is a processing method that allows you to reduce your warehousing costs and minimise the lead times of your goods.

With cross docking, there is no need to store your products – they are transshipped directly and sent on to your customers. Our fulfilment service includes not only sorting and dispatching your products at our handling warehouse, but also delivering the goods to their destination reliably and on time. Make our storage facilities your cross docking point.

Tailored to your goals: the cross docking options

Choose the option that is the perfect fit for you and your supply chain:

Single-level cross docking:
In single-level cross docking, the goods are pre-packed by the sender and delivered to the recipient unchanged. For single-level cross docking, the goods must be marked with the recipient address.

Two-level cross docking:
In two-level cross docking, also known as a transshipment system, the goods are taken to our handling warehouse. There we pack the products and send the new goods units to the relevant recipients.

Multi-level cross docking:
In multi-level cross docking, we offer you packing of your goods and additional process steps, such as labelling and assembly.

Make our services your advantage.

Make use of our existing time slot for deliveries to leading retail chains, avoiding long idle times and waiting times at the recipient.

Benefit from the excellent transport links at our site in Fürstenauer Weg in Osnabrück:

  • Distance to A1 motorway, Osnabrück-Nord junction: 2 km
  • Distance to motorway junction Lotte/Osnabrück (connection to A1 and A30 motorways): 15 km
  • Distance to Münster/Osnabrück Airport: 41 km

Tell us what you need and our logistics experts will develop an individual and efficient cross docking solution for you – tailored precisely to your supply chain.

What can you expect from us?

  • Excellent transport links
  • 12,000 square metre handling area, partially temperature-controlled warehouse
  • More than 120 load houses for fast and efficient loading and unloading of your vehicles
  • Expert logistics staff
  • Efficient materials management system
  • Interfaces with all common back end systems, e.g. SAP
  • Comprehensive fulfilment service
  • Smooth-running processes throughout the supply chain
  • High flexibility
  • High reliability
  • Decades of experience and expert knowledge

Your benefits with cross docking:

  • Individual, tailor-made solutions
  • Single-level, two-level or multi-level cross docking
  • Minimised storage needs for you
  • Reduction in your inventory
  • Decreased warehousing costs for you
  • Cost benefit in transport logistics thanks to higher vehicle utilisation
  • Use of existing delivery time slots
  • On-time delivery
  • CO2 savings in the transport of your goods

Jürgen Hartkemeyer

Leader Sales/Marketing

Koch International
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49090 Osnabrück

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