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If your organisation needs more information on which regulations have to be observed for entering Germany due to the Corona situation, we would hereby like to support you in your search for up-to-date and reliable information. As the regulations change depending on the current situation and vary for all 16 federal states/counties in Germany, we provide you with a few websites where you can inform yourself at any time: 

Countrydelay in deliverycurrent situationnext departure for groupagelast update for current situation
AlbanianoRestaurants and bar closed. Corona testing randomly.regularely30.04.2021; 15:00 h
BelgiumyesLockdown prolonged, many shops closed. Non-deliverable goods will have to be returned with costs. Drivers are allowed to enter BE when presenting CMR-Waybill.regularely30.04.2021; 15:00 h
BosniayesNegative PCR-Test required when entering country.regularely30.04.2021; 15:00 h
BulgarianoBG now re-classified as risk area. regularely30.04.2021; 15:00 h
DanmarkyesMore border controlls but truck drivers need not negative tests. Small borders closed.regularely30.04.2021; 15:00 h
Estoniayes From 11.3. on countrywide restrictions. Pubs, Bars, many shops closed.regularely30.04.2021; 15:00 h
FinlandnoNo longer a high risk area. Prior to entry of FIN 2 negative tests are required.regularely30.04.2021; 15:00 h
FranceyesPlease watch restrictions from/to dep. Moselle due to high incidence area. Consignor should ensure acception of goods prior to delivery, otherwise extra fee for return. Upon stay > 48 hours, no exit from GB and IRL to FR for drivers without a negative test. regularely30.04.2021; 15:00 h
GreecenoLockdown prolonged till at least 03.05., Truck drivers need to be registered upon entry, no testing.regularely30.04.2021; 15:00 h
Great BritainyesCompulsory testing for truck drivers in case of > 48 h stay only when entering UK. Delays in customs clearance. No timed deliveries possible. Consignor must ensure acceptance of goods prior to delivery. To prepare for customs clearance, please fill out instructions sheet. Return from UK to Germany without restrictions.regularely30.04.2021; 15:00 h
IrelandnoIRL no longer high risk area. No compulsory testing for truck drivers.regularely30.04.2021; 15:00 h
ItalyyesIn Italy, high incidence figures. Restrictions for travels and movement. It may come to delays in delivery. For entry self declaration must be accompanied. At Brenner already border controlls by austrian civil servants, slow processing.regularely30.04.2021; 15:00 h
KosovonoNegative PCR-Test required when entering country.regularely30.04.2021; 15:00 h
CroatianoHigh risk area since 11.4. but in general no restrictions for transport of goodsregularely30.04.2021; 15:00 h
Lituviayes Drivers don't need to present negative test when entering country.regularely30.04.2021; 15:00 h
Lithuaniayes Drivers are subject to quarantine, except for transit and loading/unloading without further stay in the country. An online registration must be completed before entering Lithuania.regularely30.04.2021; 15:00 h
LuxemburgnoNo restrictions.regularely30.04.2021; 15:00 h
Montenegronoless border crossings available, negative tests requiredregularely30.04.2021; 15:00 h
Macedonia (North)noDeclared as risk arearegularely30.04.2021; 15:00 h
NetherlandsyesHigh risk area. National lockdown. Receipt of goods must be guaranteed, otherwise returned with charges.regularely30.04.2021; 15:00 h
NorwaynoAs per government a lot of shops in municipalities closed. Please check availability/opening of consigneeDrivers need to register online before entering country. Drivers need online registration before entry to NO. Area Vestfold og Telemark risk area.regularely30.04.2021; 15:00 h
Austriayes Tyrol no longer virus variant area, less restrictions for entry to Germany and controll on Tyrol's transit lines.regularely30.04.2021; 15:00 h
PolandnoHigh risk area, depending on stay a registration/negativ test is compulsory for truck drivers before entering Germany.regularely30.04.2021; 15:00 h
PortugalnoNo restrictions for transport of goods.regularely30.04.2021; 15:00 h
RomanianoBorders open regularely30.04.2021; 15:00 h
RussianoNo restrictionsregularely30.04.2021; 15:00 h
SwedennoClassified by Germany as high incidence region since 7.3.regularely30.04.2021; 15:00 h
SwitzerlandnoNo restrictions. "Green Lanes" for essential transports re-installed.  regularely30.04.2021; 15:00 h
SerbianoNegative PCR-Test required when entering country.regularely30.04.2021; 15:00 h
Slovakiayes Classified as risk area. Registration for entry and testing of drivers no longer obligatory.regularely30.04.2021; 15:00 h
SloveniayesLockdown; border controlls, waiting time at border to AT. Karawanks tunnel closed from time to time.regularely30.04.2021; 15:00 h
SpainnoDeclared as risk area without further restrictions for cargo transports.  regularely30.04.2021; 15:00 h
Czech RepublicnoCountry re-classified as risk area.regularely30.04.2021; 15:00 h
TurkeynoNegative PCR-Test required when entering country.regularely30.04.2021; 15:00 h
HungarynoClassified as a high incidence area. Compulsory registration for drivers when entering Germany. Border controlls till 23.05.2021. Transports to HU without restrictions.regularely30.04.2021; 15:00 h

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