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Countrydelay in deliverycurrent situationnext departure for groupagelast update for current situation
AlbanianoRestaurants and bar closed regularely15.01.21, 15 h
BelgiumyesLockdown, many shops closed. Non-deliverable goods will have to be returned.regularely15.01.21, 15 h
BosniayesNegative PCR-Test required when entering country.regularely15.01.21, 15 h
BulgarianoPersons for freight transport operations may enter into BUL by presenting a negative PCR-Test.regularely15.01.21, 15 h
DanmarkyesLockdown for Nordjütland (county Hjoring, Frederikshavn, Bornderlev, Jammerbugt, Vesthimmerland, Thisted, Laeso)regularely15.01.21, 15 h
EstonianoNo self-isolation for persons that are directly involved with goods transportregularely15.01.21, 15 h
FinlandnoNo non-essential or tourist journeys from D to FIN. Drivers for intern. cargo (referred to their job) are excepted.regularely15.01.21, 15 h
FranceyesLockdown prolonged. Consignor should ensure acception of goods prior to delivery, otherwise extra fee for return. No exit from GB to FR for drivers without a negative testregularely15.01.21, 15 h
GreecenoLockdown prolonged. Border at Krystallopigi closed for trucksregularely15.01.21, 15 h
Great BritainyesGB declared as risk country due to corona mutation. Tests obligatory upon exit to France. Lockdown in GB. Delays in customs clearance. No timed deliveries possible. Consignor must ensure acceptance of goods prior to deliveryregularely15.01.21, 15 h
IrelandyesLockdown, essential transports allowed. IRL is risk area due to virus mutationregularely15.01.21, 15 h
ItalyyesEntry and exit Calabria, Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Sicily, Veneto prohibited. Drivers of goods transport excluded. Delays due to heavy snow.regularely15.01.21, 15 h
KosovonoNegative PCR-Test required when entering country.regularely15.01.21, 15 h
CroatianoNo restrictions for transport of goodsregularely15.01.21, 15 h
LituvianoCargo drivers out of risked countries need a negative test to enter country. No further restrictions.regularely15.01.21, 15 h
LithuanianoCargo drivers out of risked countries need to be in quarantaine for a fortnight max., upon staying > 72 h a corona-test is essentialregularely15.01.21, 15 h
LuxemburgnoNo restrictions.regularely15.01.21, 15 h
Montenegronoless border crossings available, negative tests requiredregularely15.01.21, 15 h
Macedonia (North)noDeclared as risk arearegularely15.01.21, 15 h
NetherlandsyesNational lockdown. Receipt of goods must be guaranteed, otherwise returned with charges.regularely15.01.21, 15 h
NorwaynoDrivers need to register online before entering country.regularely15.01.21, 15 h
AustrianoAlthough lockdown entering country for cargo transport purpose without restrictions. Delays due to heavy snow.regularely15.01.21, 15 h
PolandnoNo restrictions for international cargoregularely15.01.21, 15 h
PortugalnoDeclared as risk area except islandsregularely15.01.21, 15 h
RomanianoBorders open regularely15.01.21, 15 h
RussianoNo restrictionsregularely15.01.21, 15 h
SwedennoNo restrictions   regularely15.01.21, 15 h
SwitzerlandnoWaiting time at border. "Green Lanes" for essential transports re-installed. Delays due to heavy snow.regularely15.01.21, 15 h
SerbianoNegative PCR-Test required when entering country.regularely15.01.21, 15 h
Slovakiayes Drivers must leave country after 48 hoursregularely15.01.21, 15 h
SloveniayesLockdown; border controlls, waiting time at border to ATregularely15.01.21, 15 h
SpainyesReporting obligation for drivers from risk areas. No further restrictions for cargo transports. At the moment delays due to heavy snow.regularely15.01.21, 15 h
Czech Republicyes Nationwide lockdown. Personal shortage due to illness.regularely15.01.21, 15 h
TurkeynoNegative PCR-Test till 01.03.2021 required when entering country.regularely15.01.21, 15 h
HungarynoBorder controlls till 01.02.2021. No quarantaine or testing for transports with essential goods. No restrictions in transit.regularely15.01.21, 15 h

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