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Every day media report about the spread of the new corona virus (COVID-19, original name SARS-CoV-2) and meanwhile effects can be traced on the transport sector.



Currently, the general delivery time for national groupage transports is 48 – 72 hours. If you need 24-delivery-service, you are requested to book premium products „NightLine NextDay“ or „NightLine Plus“ – but we cannot guarantee the service.

The regular services with changed departure days of groupage can be found as a download file, which can be found on the site "Coronavirus" in German language.



We will be giving to you information about further developments on the European transport market. Partial and complete loads are available upon request – please call the person of contact known to you.  


    Rate validity 
Countrydelay in deliverycurrent situationnext departure for groupagegroupage (up to 6 pallets; 2,4 Ldm; 2.500 kgs)LTL/FTL (> 6 pallets; 2,4 Ldm; 2.500 kgs)last update 
AlbanyyesTraffic jams in transit countries cause delivery delaysFriday, 03.04.20upon requestupon request31.03.20, 15:00 h
BelgiumyesMany shops closed therefore no daily transport possible.Wednesday, 01.04.20yesupon request31.03.20, 15:00 h
Bosniayesborder controlls cause waiting time from 5-24 hoursupon requestyesyes31.03.20, 15:00 h
Bulgariayes40 km traffic jam at border RO/BG cause delivery delayWednesday, 01.04.20yesyes31.03.20, 15:00 h
DanmarkyesFreight transports continue but supply shortageWednesday, 01.04.20upon requestupon request31.03.20, 15:00 h
EstoniayesBorder controlls, delay in delivery due to traffic jam at PL borderFriday, 03.04.20yesyes31.03.20, 15:00 h
FinlandyesRegion Uusimaa (Greater area of Helsinki) till 19.4.; Transports of goods not affected but with delay in deliveryWednesday, 01.04.20yesyes31.03.20, 15:00 h
FranceyesCompanies closed because of nationwide curfew. Priority deliveries of food and pharmaceuticals. Delays in delivery result. Partly no ADR transports, no B2CWednesday, 01.04.20yesupon request31.03.20, 15:00 h
GreeceyesNational borders closed since 23.3., not valid for international transports. Due to traffic jam at transit border delay up to 2 daysThursday, 02.04.20upon requestupon request31.03.20, 15:00 h
Great BritainnoDrivers on ferry Rotterdam-Killingholme prohibitedWednesday, 01.04.20yesyes31.03.20, 15:00 h
IrelandyesSome ferrys do not give access to drivers or passengers. Customers don't accept paper documents. Since 24.03. many plants have closed.Friday, 03.04.20yesyes31.03.20, 15:00 h
ItalyyesAll non essential industrial and commercial production stopped till 03.04.20. Transports ongoing. For each consignment it must be ensured that consignee is open!Friday, 03.04.20upon requestupon request31.03.20, 15:00 h
KosovoyesTraffic jams in transit countries cause delivery delaysFriday, 03.04.20upon requestupon request31.03.20, 15:00 h
CroatiayesSituation normalize, traffic jam at border decline to 1-4 hours, driving in convoyFriday, 03.04.20upon requestupon request31.03.20, 15:00 h
LituviayesLong waiting hours at border to PL.    Friday, 03.04.20yesyes31.03.20, 15:00 h
LithuaniayesSituation at border PL/LT normalize. Delay for deliveries 1 day.Friday, 03.04.20yesyes31.03.20, 15:00 h
LuxemburgnoLimitations by border controlls.  Wednesday, 01.04.20yesyes31.03.20, 15:00 h
Macedonia (North)yesTraffic jams in transit countries cause delivery delaysFriday, 03.04.20upon requestupon request31.03.20, 15:00 h
NetherlandsnoPublic spaces and stores individually closed. Delays in delivery possibleWednesday, 01.04.20yesyes31.03.20, 15:00 h
NorwayyesBorder controll not only by customs authorities but also police and army. Delays in delivery and waiting hours for freight transports; ferry service of Color Line for freight transports only.Thursday, 02.04.20yesyes31.03.20, 15:00 h
AustriayesRestricted deliveries for region Paznauntal, St. Anton. Quarantaine rules for region Tirol prolonged till 12.4.; safety of supply chain ensured. Transit not prohibited. Parts of postcode 56.. (Gastein/Salzburg county) barred. Many consignees are close in week 13. Answers to service questions delayed due to high sickness of partner staff.Wednesday, 01.04.20yesupon request31.03.20, 15:00 h
PolandyesSituation at border becomes more normal. Drivers no longer controlled but polish commuting drivers. Few loading capacity because of less exports from PL.Wednesday, 01.04.20yesyes31.03.20, 15:00 h
Portugalyes9 checkpoints to ES open. General delay in delivery. No on-/offloading at region Ovar, postcode 3880-3886 for next 15 days.Friday, 03.04.20yesyes31.03.20, 15:00 h
RomaniayesTransit corridors built up. Long truck queues and waiting hours about 24 hours at border to HU/BG. Drivers are not allowed to leave truck for off-loading. No groupage delivery for restaurants, hotels, bars.Wednesday, 01.04.20yesyes31.03.20, 15:00 h
RussiayesFrom 28.3. till 5.4. non business week, international transports allowed but with delay. Since 20.3. for 1 month "Green corridor" for importers and big retail store chains. All restrictions (incl. Customs duties) suspended.upon requestupon requestupon request31.03.20, 15:00 h
SwedenyesFerry service for tourists stopped, freight transports only. Traffic backlog. POD's issued by drivers only.Wednesday, 01.04.20yesyes31.03.20, 15:00 h
SwitzerlandyesTraffic jam at border of 45 min., "green line" for trucks with medical products, food, fuel, post. Delivery time prolongedWednesday, 01.04.20yesyes31.03.20, 15:00 h
SerbiayesSituation normalize, traffic jam at border decline to 1-4 hoursFriday, 03.04.20upon requestupon request31.03.20, 15:00 h
SlovakiayesSituation normalize. Borders for trucks re-opened.Friday, 03.04.20yesyes31.03.20, 15:00 h
SloveniayesSituation normalize, somewhere delay in delivery. Organised convoys in collaboration with police and toll company.Friday, 03.04.20upon requestupon request31.03.20, 15:00 h
SpainyesNo delivery to regions 10900, 302..-308../08...  Employees of non-essential businesses forced to stay home. Partner works partly. Consignee must ensure acceptance of goods prior to delivery, otherwise goods will be stopped or returned.Friday, 03.04.20yesyes31.03.20, 15:00 h
Czech RepublicyesSome waiting hours at border. Goods in transit through CZ to SK allowed. No delivery to postcode areas CZ-783../784.. Wednesday, 01.04.20upon requestupon request31.03.20, 15:00 h
TurkeyyesProhibition for transit or entry into Turkey meanwhile for 60 nations. 45-44 traffic jam at border. Lack in loading capacities. Hazardous goods prohibited. Delivery time cannot be ensured.Friday, 03.04.20upon requestupon request31.03.20, 15:00 h
HungaryyesFrom 28.3. on most companies must close. Special permission is required but unknown when issued. Therefore big effect on transport of goods and delivery times.Wednesday, 01.04.20yesyes31.03.20, 15:00 h

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