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Brexit solutions for customs clearance

Plan more securely with Koch International

Since the end of the Brexit transition period, you as a shipper have a lot to consider, and we are happy to support you with comprehensive advice on transport handling.

We have prepared ourselves well for the post-Brexit period and are keeping track of the constant changes in shipment handling. We offer you a comprehensive, high-performance service for your shipments to/from the UK. 

We look forward to your import and export shipments - both general cargo and part and full loads.

Handling of export goods to the UK

Your transport from Germany to Great Britain


Please place order by email to: or at the Koch Portal



Does your customers have their own customs broker or importer in the UK? Then send all customs documents to the customs broker or importer and obtain a release for loading independently.

  • Invoice
  • packing list
  • EORI-No. Consignor
  • German goods description, goods tariff number
  • Gross weight
  • Net weight
  • Contact details of consignee AND importer
  • Import Customs Instructions Sheet of the Koch partner in the UK

The EORI number (Economic Operators' Registration and Identification number) replaces the German customs number as a valid participant identification throughout the European Union. It is issued free of charge on application by the Generalzolldirektion - Dienstort Dresden - Stammdatenmanagement.

The country of origin must be indicated on every invoice. Please do not use "EU" as the country of origin, but the corresponding country abbreviation: e.g. "DE" for Germany, "FR" for France, etc.

For further information click here.


Once the goods have been released by the customs broker (this can take 1-7 working days), you can instruct Koch International to collect the goods and transport them to the UK.


After arrival of the truck at our partner in the UK, the actual customs clearance takes place (processing time approx. 1-3 days).


After customs clearance, the goods are advised or delivered to your customer.

Handling of import goods from UK

Your transport from Great Britain to Germany


Please place order by email to: or at the Koch Portal



Does your customers have their own customs broker or importer in the UK? Then send all customs documents to the customs broker or importer and obtain a release for loading independently.


The following documents are produced by our UK partner:

  • ABD
  • T1
  • Transmission of the MRN number

Each consignment requires an export accompanying document (ABD) for customs clearance, even if the value of the goods is < € 1,000.

A T1 document is an accompanying document for so-called non-Community goods, i.e. goods that were produced outside the EU and are now transported within the EU.

The MRN (Master Reference Number) is the customs registration number that enables customs to identify and process your export packages in the Atlas customs system. It is the main reference for the customs declaration and the most important link to your export goods.


After collection/loading of the goods, the truck drives to the corresponding UK export customs office and receives the T1 with the MRN number. A copy of the T1 is sent by the export customs office to the Koch partner in UK. The driver can now leave the UK and transport the goods to Osnabrück.



For import customs clearance in Germany, the customs documents are handed over to the service provider specified by the client. If Koch International is commissioned, the driver receives the corresponding ATA number from our customs department. With this ATA number, the driver reports to the corresponding German customs office for customs clearance.



Following customs clearance, the goods can be delivered to your customer.

Steffen Thurnhofer


This is a processing number that is assigned by the customs offices of entry when, for example, a customs declaration is declared or made prematurely in the ATLAS system by the importer.

Even as an "approved exporter" you must apply for a REX number. If you already have this number, the UK will automatically be registered for you as the receiving country.

All packaging wood (including wooden pallets, boxes and dunnage) must comply with the international ISPM15 standard. This is equivalent to the better known IPPC standard. We recommend EPAL pallets, for example.

The wood must have been treated in such a way that existing pests have been killed. This is only done by a so-called "HAT treatment" (heat treatment). The use of pallets and packaging can be checked by the health authorities.

DDP goods are currently still excluded from processing.

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