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External hazardous goods consulting - certified and adapted to your needs.

Binding regulations within the framework of German legislation and the corresponding EU directives apply to the handling of dangerous goods and hazardous substances. This includes not only securing loads, marking and equipping vehicles and storage areas, but also continuous professional training of personnel. Correct classification, packaging, labelling, documentation and training are extremely important, because fines for non-compliance are very high and can damage a company’s reputation. 

Our experts on hazardous goods consulting have the latest expertise and many years of experience. As an external Hazardous Goods Officer, you will relieve your company of implementing legal obligations.

Our services

  • Inventory of operating procedures with recommendations for the correct handling and storage of hazardous materials
  • Implementation of the Ordinance on Hazardous Goods Safety Advisors under our own responsibility
  • Project support
  • Employee training
  • Support in contact with authorities

Your benefits at a glance

  • Optimisation of your work processes by personnel trained in handling hazardous goods and substances
  • Reduction of accident rates
  • Reliable compliance with current legal regulations
  • Minimisation of costs due to damage caused by improper storage

Send us your enquiry! As an external hazardous goods representative, we take care of all of your responsibilities. We will determine whether you are obligated to appoint a Hazardous Goods Officer in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations and will prepare an offer for you at your request. 

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Johannes Schawe

Occupational Safety Specialist, Hazardous Goods Officer

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