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Individual packaging advice for your products

Whether transport or storage. Whether parcel shipment, pallet shipment or bulky goods shipment. Whether shipping by transport company or courier service. Whether within Germany, in Europe or worldwide: the most important thing in all cases is that your product arrives at the consignee in perfect condition. The packaging of your goods plays a very important role in this. Precisely fitting packaging is indispensable in order to protect your goods from impact, pressure and the effects of the weather along the entire transport route. With our packaging advice, which we tailor exclusively to your requirements, together we will find the best possible packaging for your products. 

To optimally protect your goods from external influences during transport and handling, transport-safe packaging is required. But the choice of packaging and types of packaging is just as varied as the products they are intended to protect from external influences during transport.

Together with you, we develop individual packaging solutions - perfectly tailored to the products and the goods that your company transports to your customers. In the process, we also offer you optimisation of your existing packaging.


Euro pallet, one-way pallet or pallet cage? Cardboard packaging or slip-lid box?

Bubble wrap or packing chips?

The consignor is responsible for proper packaging. From numerous conversations with our customers, we know that there is often a great deal of uncertainty as to which packaging will ensure that the product reaches the consignee undamaged. Euro pallet, one-way pallet or pallet cage? Cardboard packaging or slip-lid box? Bubble wrap or stretch film - or both? And are packing chips an option? When is edge protection advisable? And when are tension belts necessary?

With so many options, it is not easy to keep track of everything. We will advise you comprehensively and, of course, also take your wishes into account.


Sustainable packaging with our packaging advice

Do you and your customers value particularly sustainable packaging? We will gladly take this aspect into account when developing packaging solutions and find the most suitable packaging for your company.


What you can expect from us

We analyse your products on your premises and develop a packaging concept that includes not only the outer packaging but also the inner packaging. In addition, we make recommendations for the creation and application of shipping labels and address labels. We also draw up packaging instructions for your company and, if you wish, provide training for your employees on the subject of ‘packaging solutions’. With us, you will find the packaging advice that you have been wanting for so long.


Save costs with the right packaging

The right packaging for your goods is the packaging that not only provides optimum protection against external influences - but also saves costs.

With the help of our packaging advice, you can reduce the variety of packaging in your company. In addition, you will reduce your packaging costs and transport costs by making optimal use of the packaging volume. We will show you how.


Packaging advice from logistics professionals

Our team and especially our occupational health and safety specialists have know-how and decades of logistics experience. We help you to keep an overview of the ‘packaging jungle’. Don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise, accompany and support your company on the way to the optimal packaging of your items.


Our services

  • Analysis of the products on your premises
  • Development of optimisation potentials
  • Recommendation of suitable inner packaging and outer packaging
  • Recommendation for the creation and application of shipping labels and address labels
  • Preparation of packaging instructions
  • Training of your employees


Your benefits at a glance

  • Reduction of the variety of packaging in your company
  • Minimisation of your packaging costs through optimal use of the packaging volume (less air in the packaging)
  • Reduction of transport costs through optimised use of the packaging volume
  • Optimisation of the packaging systems in relation to the transport systems
  • Minimisation of transport damage
  • Optimisation of your work processes through trained personnel

Are you interested in packaging advice? What are you waiting for? Contact us.

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Johannes Schawe

Occupational Safety Specialist, Hazardous Goods Officer

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