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Your competent logistics service provider

Melbourne in Australia. Cape Town in South Africa. Buenos Aires in Argentina. Shanghai in China. With Koch International’s air freight services, the world is shrinking and even distant destinations are within reach. Because even beyond the road, we bring your goods to the most important trading centres in the world.

In doing so, we not only guarantee you uncomplicated handling, but also promise you the speedy delivery of your air freight to your customer - anywhere in the world.


Our air freight services: Worldwide. At any time.

Our decades of air freight expertise at home and abroad ensures that customers entrust us with their shipments because we develop individual air freight solutions for you and your industry, meaning your products reach their destination intact and on time. Just as you would expect from a logistics provider and air freight expert.   


Standard, express or door-to-door?

Are you looking for an air freight solution that is perfectly tailored to your needs? With our tailor-made air freight concepts, we offer you speed and reliability - just how it suits you. The choice is yours:

If you want your goods to reach the consignee particularly quickly, our express service is just right for you. Thanks to our network, we can meet even the shortest deadlines and reliably deliver your shipment to its destination.

Our standard service is the more cost-effective alternative to the express service, which focuses on the freight rate. Of course, the highest quality standards also apply here.

Do you want your shipment to be transported from your company location to the door of the consignee? With our door-to-door service, we offer you a customised and comprehensive solution.

We will be happy to advise you on which service package suits your requirements. 


Cargo charter or groupage load?

Whether a single box or several boxes - we make sure that your shipment finds room on the plane.

Usually, individual boxes are packed together with the goods of other shippers on an aircraft sheet panel or in an air cargo container. This is called a groupage load and is handled via scheduled flights.

However, it is also possible to charter a cargo aircraft completely or partially for you. In most cases, these are unscheduled flights - for goods that need to be shipped particularly quickly or that take up a relatively large amount of space.


Our service for your air freight is limitless

Preparation of transport documents

For air freight, it is necessary to prepare a number of transport documents. Direct AWB, Back-to-Back AWB, Master AWB and House AWB are the international names of the various forms. In order to provide you with the best possible support in this regard, we will gladly take over the preparation of the Air Waybill and the customs documents, such as the Export Accompanying Document or EUR1 Movement Certificate. We will also be happy to advise you on the preparation of country-specific documents.

If you wish, we can take care of customs clearance. All over the world.


Taking out transport insurance

To ensure that your goods are insured against damage during the entire journey, we take out a transport insurance policy for you that covers the entire transport route.


Onboard courier service

Our service goes beyond the air freight carrier terminal. If you wish, we can offer you an onboard courier service whereby your goods are taken right up to the aircraft. These are mostly small-sized consignments, which in some cases even fit into your hand luggage. From components and spare parts for machines to luxury goods: your goods are monitored by the onboard courier throughout the flight and thus reach their destination on time and intact. Once there, your customer takes over the goods directly at the airport or we take care of the transport of the goods to the final destination. 


Active cooling and passive cooling of temperature-controlled goods

When cooling temperature-controlled goods, a distinction is made between active and passive cooling.

With active cooling, the temperature of your cold-sensitive product is kept constant throughout the entire transport route. Here, a temperature specification of, for example, +15 to +25° degrees Celsius can be maintained.

Depending on the product and the packaging, passive cooling of the shipment is possible. However, the temperature specification is only guaranteed during the flight and storage in the airport warehouse. Although the shipment is brought to the aircraft by a temperature-controlled vehicle, time delays on the tarmac are possible, which means that it cannot be guaranteed that the temperature specification can be maintained.


DGR handling

Are your products dangerous goods, i.e. goods that pose a risk? That is no problem for us either. We will be happy to discuss the exact options with you.


Letter of credit processing

Some of our customers prefer to use a letter of credit for worldwide shipments. This is an international means of payment protection. In this case, payment is only made under certain conditions.


Shipment tracking

Would you like to know exactly where your air freight is at any given moment? With our shipment tracking, we always have an eye on your shipment. We keep track of everything for you and tell you exactly what you want to know. Fast and uncomplicated.

Contact us. We'll be happy to help you.


9,485 high-performance partners

Koch International has been a member of the worldwide network World Cargo Alliance (WCA) for many years. With the support of high-performance partners located all over the world, we are able to ensure smooth freight handling right to your customer's door - regardless of the continent. The same high-quality standards apply throughout the entire transport route, ensuring that your goods are handled with care and reach their destination in perfect condition. Because we have partners at our side who have the same goal in mind as we do: your satisfaction.


Global air freight solutions

As a logistics provider headquartered in Osnabrück, we offer you time-saving and cost-effective import and export handling via Münster/Osnabrück Airport (FMO), which is only 41 km away from our company headquarters and can therefore be reached within a very short time.

We also guarantee the flexible and reliable handling of your worldwide air freight shipments at all other German airports.

Thanks to our IATA licence (International Air Transport Association), air freight can be handled directly with all renowned airlines. Safe and fast.


Our services:

  • Standard, express or door-to-door transport
  • Charter services
  • Consolidated groupage loads 
  • Preparation of transport documents
  • Taking out transport insurance
  • Onboard courier service
  • Active cooling / passive cooling
  • Letter of credit processing
  • DGR handling (Dangerous Good Regulations)
  • Shipment tracking
  • Time-saving and cost-effective import and export handling via Münster Osnabrück Airport (FMO)
  • Flexible and reliable handling at all German airports
  • Contact with the world's best aviation specialists
  • Selection of the optimal mode of transport
  • Decades of air freight expertise and logistics experience


Your benefits:

  • Global network
  • High-quality standards worldwide
  • Reliable, safe and fast
  • Comprehensive advice

Benefit from our expertise and be impressed by our services for all your air freight needs. Contact us. Now.


We are also your competent partner for sea freight.


Packaging & more

Everything you need to pack your goods is available in our packaging shop. Simple. Clever.

Packaging shop

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