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At your service, all over the world

We deliver your goods to the most important trading centres in the world, even if it is just across the road. Our tailor-made air freight services help you set the pace while we coordinate your cargo efficiently and reliably. Enjoy maximum reliability in your scheduling and flexibility at the same time. We can also take care of customs clearance for you.


Our service for your air freight:

  • Individual service packages meet your specific requirements:
    • TransporteStandard, express, and door-to-door shipments
    • Chartering
    • Consolidated shipments   
  • Shipments on direct air waybill (AWB) 
  • Credit processing and processing of dangerous good regulations (DGR)
  • Seamless shipment tracking 
  • Time-saving and cost-efficient import and export management via Munster Osnabrück International Airport (FMO) 
  • Flexible and reliable processing at all other German Airports


Benefit from our wealth of experience:

  • Air freight with all major airlines processed directly thanks to our IATA (International Air Transport Association) licence. 
  • Simplified processing of secured shipments made possible at airports through our authorisation as a regulated agent.
  • Trouble-free freight processing right up to your customer’s door, guaranteed through our membership of the World Cargo Alliance (WCA).

Silvia Schminder

Intercontinental Business Development Manager
+49 (0)541 121 68 – 953

Where would you like to ship to?

Koch International
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