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Transportation in a nationwide network within Europe and beyond.

From Osnabrück to Munich, from Norway to Greece, from Portugal to Azerbaijan: with numerous renowned partners at home and abroad, we form a comprehensive logistics network with regular departures for the transport of general cargo shipments.

As a member of CargoLine, we offer you Europe-wide groupage transport with daily departures and fixed transit times through partner cooperation. In addition, the premium services of our general cargo cooperation provide you with valuable additional services which, among other things, increase the planning capability of your supply chain.

Koch International is reliably at your side for any kind of transport.




Our services for you at a glance:

  • Germany- and Europe-wide transport
  • Defined transit times per country
  • Regular departures
  • Defined quality standards
  • Online status enquiry (track and trace)


Our specifications:

  • up to 6 Euro pallet spaces
  • up to 2.5 loading metres
  • up to 2,500 kg

We plan your transport route individually, economically and on time. Please contact us so that we can achieve this for you. If you would like to calculate your general cargo costs directly, use our freight cost calculator.


What is general cargo transport and how does it work?

General cargo refers to goods that can be transported in one piece. It can be a package as well as a pallet, a barrel or a crate. Liquid cargoes such as milk, petrol, gases or chemicals, on the other hand, are not referred to as general cargo.

In principle, general cargo is understood to be a single shipment that is transported from the consignor to the consignee together with other shipments and would not fully utilise the permissible payload of the transport vehicle alone.

The process of transporting general cargo is an organisational challenge. Our employees make fast and safe shipments possible through precise planning and optimal networking. Optimum use of the available freight space ensures efficient and cost-effective handling of the shipments.


Costs & price calculation of a general cargo shipment

The general cargo transport prices can be calculated from the following factors:

  1. Collection of the general cargo from the consignor (pre-carriage)
  2. Transhipment and distribution of the goods to the groupage lines
  3. Transport to the partner depot (main run)
  4. Transhipment and distribution of the goods to the delivery vehicles
  5. Delivery of your goods to the consignee (on-carriage)

In order to be able to calculate your general cargo costs or the pallet prices for general cargo precisely, simply use our freight cost calculator or contact us personally.


HACCP certified

As a member of CargoLine, we are HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certified. This means that we are authorised to store and transport foodstuffs that are packed in tins, bottles or canisters, for example, in accordance with the strict HACCP rules.

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