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Different modes of transportation in use.

Thanks to our large network, we can offer you smooth transportation of your goods. Our aim is to deliver your products to your desired destination “in time” and as environmentally friendly as possible.


We offer the following services:

  • Container transport by inland waterway
  • Container transport by rail
  • Container transport by truck



Container transport by inland waterway

We transport all kinds of containers reliably and in an environmentally friendly manner to/from the western ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp as well as to/from the northern port of Hamburg via Europe's waterways. Transporting products and goods by inland waterway is ideal for the pre- and onwards-transporting for sea transport to and from the three largest seaports in Europe.


Container transport by rail

Fast, reliable and environmentally friendly. We offer you a comprehensive service for your container transportation. And we take care of the entire transport chain to and from the port to the final destination. We plan our - and so your - resources optimally. To carry out your transportation efficiently and safely.


Container transport by truck

We are rooted in truck transportation. We transport your goods throughout Germany and Europe to the desired final recipient. To guarantee you short-term availability and a high degree of flexibility for a smooth transportation process.


Uwe Fieselmann

Managing Director

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