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Customs clearance by our foreign trade experts.

Upon request, Koch International will take care of all customs clearance formalities - even if Koch International does not carry out the transportation (export/import). With the “Authorised Economic Operator” seal of approval (AEO-F certificate), Koch International is recognised by the authorities as a safe partner. Transferring customs clearance to Koch International means significant time and cost savings for you. Benefit from our many years of experience with international trade regulations.

Comprehensive customs service

We have the expertise to handle your import and export matters in full. Whether it’s air freight, ocean freight, rail transport or land transport – we guarantee the desired flexibility and ability to act. 

We take over organising your transportation, storing your shipments, customs clearance and also resolve difficult, formal details in customs clearance. All over the world.

Our service for export customs clearance:

  • EAD creation for all goods
  • Preparation of incomplete EAD
  • Preparation of supplementary EAD
  • Temporary export
  • Carnet clearance (Carnet ATA and Carnet TIR)
  • Preparation of T1
  • Preparation of EUR1
  • Preparation of ATR
  • etc.

Our service for import customs clearance:

  • Classification of your goods in the customs tariff
  • Import customs clearance via ATLAS
  • Returns customs clearance
  • Carnet clearance (Carnet ATA and Carnet TIR)
  • Preparation of T1
  • Fiscal customs clearance
  • Examination of goods
  • Phytosanitary handling
  • Custodian change
  • Veterinary implementation
  • etc.

Astrid Braak

Teamleader Customs Clearance
+49 (0)541 121 68 – 991

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